Little Ella

A six-year-old girl affected by her parent’s divorce, this led to her aggressive behavior. She discovers that her dad is a drug-addict of a DJ incapable of being a parent to his only child. She also learns that her father has chosen his friend to replace him as her dad.

Cast Miral Al Hasson, Josefine Kühnel, Hussein Al Shatheli, Ammar Obied, Rachel Sidiropoulou, Valentin Schaak & Shine Smith

Directed, Written, Editor and Produced by: Diana Kadah
Director of Photography: Giulia Lomuscio
Hair & Make-up Designer: Saleh Parnly
Music Composer: Louis Marcel & Tanja König
Sound designer: Hummam Smakeh
Sound Recordist: Mohammad Dibo
Production Manager: Jaime Smith
Producer Coordinator: Jennifer Stokka
Assistant Director: Yair Stolik
1st Assistant Camera: Moritz von Hochberg
2nd Assistant Camera: Isabelle Vogel
Still Photographer: Dieya Alsaeed
Gaffer: Samantha Decker
Best Boy: Stefano Belluzzi                
Art director Diana Kadah
Make-up and Hair Artist Fadi Youssef
Music recorded by: DBS studio
Colorist Ivan Fomenko
Lighting Equipment: 25P
Catalyst – Institute for Creative Art and Technology







Bio – Filmography

DIANA KADAH: A Syrian filmmaker, and actress, who is based in Berlin. Diana won the Citation Award at the Aleppo theatre festival in 2006 for her role of “Reya” in “The Great Romulus” as an actress.

 Since childhood, she loved to create her world, as she had graphic ideas for her surroundings. These ideas were always vivid, which inspired a sense of urgency to realize or transmit them into a frame. In 2011 after the Arab spring, it became clear to Diana that she wanted to be an author and filmmaker, as she believes that filmmaking has the power in the world to move forward to change things. She studied at the Academy of Dramatic Art (Damascus) theatre acting. After the war, she changed her destiny to look at Audiovisuals at the Institute of Fine Arts “IBA2” in Lebanon. Then she moved to Berlin-Germany, where she was awarded the FARBE BEKENNEN-Award 2018 as an actress in the theatre play “Freiheit”. She became a jury member the following season.
She loves to create a particular atmosphere for the complex characters that she builds. She already established it by winning Best Cinematography with her short film “Damascene” at the Festival for DRAMA Film Festival 2022 in Chicago.
Diana always thought of art as an alternative resistance and used the camera as a weapon to exploit inequalities in societies and politics.
Her work focuses on immigrants, feminism, multicultural communities, families, psychology, sociology, politics, humanity, and LGBTQ+ right in films. Including music videos and commercials.