C’est la seule politique !! La chauve-souris

Denis, a man who loves household chores, has found himself isolated in a mountain house since the start of the first quarantine. His wife, Bénédicte, a doctor, chose to stay in Grenoble to support the medical body in the face of the Coronavirus epidemic. And I had turned into a bat. That in a way, If the bat is believed to be the cause of transmission of the virus to humans, somehow it transmitted one of its genes to us.

Director, Screenwriter, editor & image Ahmad ALHAJ
Sound mix Burhan ALKHATIB
Producer Ahmad ALHAJ







Bio – Filmography

Ahmad Alhaj born in Syria 1990, director, producer, distributor, juror, programmer and founder of Wind Cinema, an international studio for film production and distribution, SVOD platform. He writes for several cultural sites and journals in Arab region, at the same time organizing and programming film programs in Turkey, Syria, Canada, Denmark, Netherlands, and France as well as online. Ahmad is studying cinema and theater at UGA in France after studying the finance and law in Syria. He is a lead festival programmer at Toronto Arab film festival. He participated in the first edition of the Impact lab in Beirut 2019, hosted by Beirut DC in collaboration with DOC society and supported by FORD foundation and participated in 2nd Documentary convention in Leipzig 2019 hosted by DOXBOX and AFAC. His debut film It’s only three nails! Saturn devouring his son have been screened in more than 100 cities worldwide.