Experts of Wind

An advisory board that provides strategic advice to the management of Wind Cinema, to assist the programming, policies and public relations. To build opportunities, to widen social circles, spheres of influence, positively impact our community and create new business relationships and to expands our perspective and awareness on issues connected to our business, community and  professional futures.

For any question to our experts:

Samer Al Qaderi

An artist and illustrator, he founded the children books publisher Bright Fingers with his wife back in Damascus in 2004, and founded also Pages book store in Istanbul 2015, Amsterdam 2017, Rotterdam 2018, Muscat 2019.

Nour Asalia

A Syrian researcher and artist, lives and works in Paris since 2011, and PhD student at Esthétique, Sciences et Technologies des Arts at Paris VIII University.

Rand Abou Fakher

A Syrian multi-platform artist, studied flute at the National Syrian Conservatory in Damascus.
She made two shorts “Braided Love” and “So We Live” which got its premier at Berlinale 2020.

Zina Hallak

A Syrian film and theater actress, director and instructor. She has worked on several theater plays,
television shows and films in the Arab world and internationally.

Bernared DJATANG

Founder and Director of Africlap Festival. he studied the aesthetics of cinema, sociology communication, digital mediation and new media. “I’m going to find my father”, his debut short fiction in 2012 as an author, director and producer.

Guevara Namer

A Syrian Kurdish photographer and documentary filmmaker based in Berlin, a co-founder and board member of DOX BOX. worked as a production manager and line producer of several Syrian documentary films, such as “Return to Homs” (2013) and “Silvered Water, Syria Self-Portrait” (2014).

Abdullah Al Hamdi

A Syrian poet, writer, filmmaker and journalist. “THE SAND ROSE”, Dar Al-Mukhtar, Damascus 1995.
“LEAFLET OF ABSENCE”, Al-Raya Printing, Doha, 2005. “ALRAHWAN”, Arab Institute for Studies and Publishing, Beirut 2015.

Mohamed Nabil

A Moroccan-German philosophy professor, writer and awarded director in cinema and theater. He produced many documentary films that were shown on international channels such as the BBC.

Ahmed Haj Hamdo

A Syrian investigative journalist and Damascus University graduate. Interested in Syrian stories. Co – founder of SIRAJ. coach at ARIJ (Arab reporter for investigative journalism).

Ahmad AlSheikh

A Syrian German Actor, TV presenter/Editor, Event Organizer, Theaterpedagoge, Socialpedagoge & aesthetic education expert at the Berliner Senate.

Sawssen SAYA

Born in Tunisia, a director, photographe, programmer, script doctor and conceptual artist. Her debut film “Bousculades 9 Avril 1938” wins the Tanit d’argent for short film at the JCC 2012, the prize for Artistic Excellence at the Luxor Festival in Egypt and a Special Mention for Best Arab Director at the Festival Film International in Baghdad. SAYA working now in her 1st feature “L’Infinie Folie d’Être en Vie”.



Founder and Executive Director

Ahmad born in Syria 1990, director, producer, distributor, juror, programmer and founder of Wind Cinema. He writes for several cultural sites and journals in Arab region, at the same time organizing and programming film programs in Turkey, Syria, Canada, Denmark, Netherlands and France as well as online.
His film debut " It’s only three nails!! Saturn devouring his son" premiered at 38th Plein air Grenoble film festival in 2015, later have screened in more than 100 cities worldwide. Currently, Ahmad is studying Art du spectacle (Cinema & Theatre) at University Grenoble-Alps.

Rand Abou Fakher

Rand Abou Fakher

Head of production department

A Syrian multi-platform artist studied flute at the National Syrian Conservatory in Damascus.
She made two shorts "Braided Love" and "So We Live" which got its premier at Berlinale 2020.



Composer, Sound & Audio Post-production

Burhan Al-Khatib is a Syrian musician, music composer, and whirling dervish who was born in Damascus and is based in France. He studied musicology at the University of Grenoble Alpes. For several years, Burhan worked on composing music for visual arts such as cinema, theatre, choreography and more. He participated and performed in many festivals and concerts in the Arab world, East Asia, and Europe.



Visual designer / Web developer
Baker Albaker

Baker Albaker