The Final Scene

The Final Scene brings us back to the first year of the Syrian revolution through the story of the activist Orwa Al Mokdad, who documented the events of the first year of revolution. After leaving Syria to Lebanon, Orwa presented all the material he recorded to his brother Eyas – a filmmaker based in Belgium – to complete the film he was working on to show the peaceful face of the Syrian revolution. Eyas began searching the material only to discover another face to his brother and his comrades who risked their lives to bring the revolution into reality. Defeat and loss are part of the story of the peaceful uprising against which the world was united, where the Syrian regime managed to distort it and turn that peaceful face into a violent and bloody one.

Director, Screenwriter, editor Eyas Almokdad
Image & Cast Orwa Almokdad, Feras Almokdad, Basil Khartabil Abu Kasser, Eyas Almokdad
Producer Eyas Almokdad
Production Film4Art – Fusion cinema vzw







Bio – Filmography

A Syrian Belgian filmmaker and Choreographer, Al Mokdad holds a Master in Audiovisual Arts (Film) from The Royal Academy of Fine Arts (KASK) 2021, an Advanced master’s degree in Audiovisual Arts from Luca school of arts Brussels, Belgium 2013. A bachelor’s degree from the Higher Institute of Dramatic Arts – Ballet Department in Damascus – Syria in 2005.
THE FINAL SCENE: Feature experimental documentary 97′ 2022 Belgium
MOEDER DOCHTER: Short fiction 29′ 2022 Belgium
THE HANGAR: Short Fiction 33′ 2022 Belgium
THE OTHER HALF OF YOUR SHADOW: Short experimental fiction 33′ 2015 Belgium
UNDER THE TANCK: Short documentary 10′ 2014 Belgium