A young refugee struggles with learning the German language while being existentially at the mercy of the bureaucratic system. Receiving an overwhelming number of letters from the authorities which triggers fears and war memories. Reality and imagination blur, raising the question of what is still “real” and what is “fiction” in his everyday life.

Director, Screenwriter & Producer  Alshafee Abby
Image Malte Hafner
Cast Ahmad Kiki, Imme beccard, Hendrik Massute, Roula Thoubian, Susanne Prößler, Nawzat Refat, Mustafa Nourallah, Zawer Tamzouk
1st AD Almourad Aldeeb
2nd AD Rushdi Alsafie
Production Geske Taubitz
1st AC Roy Fochtman
SOUND Swantje Alter
Sound Mixer Felix Klatte
Gaffer Jakob Gehrmann
Set-Designe Ahmad Salma
Make-Up & Costume Johanna Jüterbock
Editor Almourad Aldeeb
Funders Nordmedia, Medienwerkstatt Lindin &  Pages Bookstore & Café







Bio – Filmography

Al Shafei Abby was born in 1971 in Damaskus, Syria. He studied agricultural sciences in Nalchik, Russia. For several years he worked as an Assistant Director in Syria and Egypt.
In 2014 he came to Germany as a Refugee, fleeing from the Assad-regime and from war. Since then he worked on projects in cooperation with the state theatre of Hannover and conducted several directing workshops.
(Love at first sight) was the first short film he made in Germany followed by an experimental short film (Interviews about loneliness, friendship and love).