In Between Glass and Walls

Anne couldn’t accept her own child Felix, who was born with Down syndrome. Anne tries to process her struggle through making theater with Sara, a 32-year-old woman with Down syndrome. Will it be possible for Anne to connect with her motherhood through her encounters with Sara?

Director Razan Hassan
Image David van der Drift
Editing Sammie Seuren
MusicAlexandros Tomagian
Sound Tauro ter Horst, Zoé Beekes
Cast Anne Gehring, Sara van Ketel, Felix Sonnenschein, Johan Sonnenschein, Olivia Verweij and Jettie Lensen
Producer Kim Idsinga & Marie-Louise Keur
Production The Netherlands Film Academy







Bio – Filmography

Razan Hassan is a Syrian filmmaker and video artist currently living in Amsterdam. Razan is studying in The Netherlands Film Academy – Directing Documentary. In 2017, she worked as an assistant programmer in the International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam IDFA. In addition to her passion for film, Razan works with the University of Amsterdam (UvA) – Psychology department as an assistant researcher. Her award-winning film Before I Forget was shown in several film festivals around the world such as:
Symi International Film Festival 2018 (Best Director)(Winner)
Femme Frontera Filmmaker Showcase (Texas 2018 and Hollywood 2019)
Common Good International Film Festival 2018
St. Louis International Film Festival 2018 (Best Documentary Short Award)(Nominee)
London Migration Film Festival 2018
Around International Film Festival Amsterdam 2019 (Award winning)
Bethlehem Student Film Festival 2019
Cinema Arabe Amsterdam 2019
IFFR Young Talent special screening 2019
Queer and Migrant International Film Festival 2019
Leiden International Short Film Festival 2021
In 2016 Razan produced a therapeutic video art installation The Art of Losing. The show toured several European cities such as Brussels, Ghent, Amsterdam and Eindhoven.