Mona, a Syrian mother of two children, struggles to protect her daughters from tradition and old-fashioned social issues in Belgium.

Director: Abdulrahman Alshowaiki
Producers: Minne Coudenys & Emma Keymeulen
Cast: Zina Alhalak, Yasser Dahhan, Mira Durgham & May Abdulkader
Hashem Sadaki
1st AD:
Glenn Scott Peij
DOP: Siebe Dirckx
1st AC: Stef Vanpeteghem
2nd AC: Jos Kemme
Gaffer: Leon De Blaes
Electro/Script: Samah Saadi
Script supervisor: Fairooz Aqeedi
Sound engineer: Quentin Paschal
Boom operator: Tist Mortelmans & Robin Cuchet
Music: Maxim Helincks
Art direction: Kobe Aerts
Make up artist: Nina Vial
Photographer: Ismael Ahmadoun
Extra: Ahmed Fawal & Marie Morsomme
Editing: Abdulrahman Alshowaiki & Siebe Dirckx
Sound mixer: Quentin Paschal
Colorist: Tom Mulder
Production: LUCA school of art/ Campus Sint-Lukas Brussel







Bio – Filmography

Abdulrahman Alshowaiki was born in 1993 in Damascus, Syria. His father was a pilot and his mother a lawyer. After graduating high school, Abdul attended the Arab International University where he studied economics. Because of the Syrian war in 2011, Abdul, at the age of 19, fled Syria with his family to start a new life somewhere in Europe. It took him almost 4 years to get to Belgium and in this period he traveled between Lebanon, Egypt, Turkey, Senegal and Gambia. In 2015 he arrived to Belgium with his childhood dream of becoming a filmmaker. Abdul decided to change his studies, so he attended The LUCA School of Arts, campus Narafi. In 2020/2021 Abdul graduated with a short documentary titled “Trip to heaven”. The documentary gave him the chance to work with one of the best journalist in Belgium, Rudi Vranckx. He was eager to improve his skills, so he decided to go back and complete his master degree in directing at the LUCA School of Arts.