My memory is full of ghosts

Like a visual elegy, My Memory Is Full of Ghosts explores a reality caught between past, present and future in Homs, Syria. Behind the self-portrait of an exsanguinated population in search of normality, emerge memories of the city, haunted by destruction, disfigurement and loss. A deeply moving film, a painful echo of the absurdity of war and the strength of human beings

Director: Anas Zawahri
Producer: Kamel Awad & Anas Zawahri
Co-producer: Ahmed Alhaj
Cinematographer: Hamzeh Ballouk
Editor: Ali Kazwini
Production Management: Kamel Awad
Color Correction: Chrystelle Elias
Sound Editor: Kinda Hassan
Sound Recordist: Mehyar Shamma
Assistant Director: Sondos Zankawan
Assistant D.O.P: Nawwar Alboukai
Production Assistant: Abd al Hadi Kseibi
Eng Sub: Nawwar Alboukai
Production: Harmony Cultural Forum







Bio – Filmography

Film director, editor, and independent producer. Born in 1987, he is of Palestinian resides in Syria. He graduated as an assistant engineer in interior design in 2009. He has completed numerous film workshops. In 2022, he participated in the Beirut Talent Program in Lebanon.
He directed the short film “An Ordinary Day” in 2020 and short documentary film “summer, City, and a Camera” in 2022. Both films have participated in numerous local and international festivals and have won several awards. He also completed his first feature-length documentary, “My Memory is Full of Ghosts,” in 2024. The film premiered at the 55th Visions du Reel Festival in 2024.
He worked as a producer during the development stage of the documentary film “House Number 7.” And currently developing his short film “A Man Who Lived after the Battle” and producing “on the edge of..”.
170 classic films he have been voluntarily translated it into Arabic, and the translations are available online.