Olive Planet

the boy Jihad lives in his father’s cage, who is lieutenant colonel at the olive military. Jihad must also go to a military academy, but his dream is to become a footballer. The Uprising, which is taking place on the Olive Planet, arrives in the city Taubez, where they live. Jihad decided to stand by the uprising against the government and the army, but of course secretly. As he is working as a grave digger, the Yasmin agents pick him and his boss up to take advantage of their serves in the Yasmin department, where Jihad discovers a horrible thing, that could cost him his life.

Director, writer & Producer Shehab Fatoum
Animation Yann Le Bot
Storyboard Shehab Fatoum & Yann Le Bot
Illustration Nourhan Sondouk
Sound designer Tioma Tchoulanov
Cast Jamal Dpeat, Maya Alhassan & Shehab Fatoum
Animation Support Maya Alhassan
Voice Cast Joshua Hupfauer, Luise von Stein, Omar Shaker, Shehab Fatoum, Mohammed Tamim, Talal Husin, Lea Taake, Rama Alsayasneh, Alaaeddin Alali & Hayan Hassoun







Bio – Filmography

Shehab Fatoum was born in Salamieh (Syria) in 1994, where he also gained his first theater experience. In Germany he was a member of the “Theaterspiel” Witten and the Junges Theater Mülheim an der Ruhr before completing his acting studies at the Folkwang University of the Arts in Essen from 2018 to 2022. While still a student, he made guest appearances at the Bochum theater and at other theaters in the Ruhr area, such as the Freudenhaus theater in Essen and the Kohlenpott theater in Herne. In addition to acting, he makes short films that have already been shown at a number of European film festivals. He was awarded the Folkwang Prize in 2022 for the short film “Olive Planet”. In “A Report for an Academy” Shehab Fatoum can now be seen for the first time at the Essen Theater.