My Land is Burned

In Arsal, Lebanon, ‘My Land is Burned’ unveils the myriad challenges facing Syrian refugee children and their families. Beyond the struggles, silent acts of hope by a compassionate teacher echo an ambitious desire for a brighter, happier generation.

Producer & Director: Abdulrahman Alshowaiki.
DOP: Siebe Dirckx.
Assistent director: Glenn-Scott Peij.
Music composer: Maxim Helincks.
Sound engineer: Quentin Paschal.
Color grader: Olivier Ogneux.
Editor: Abdulrahman Alshowaiki.
Cast: Aisha Zhoury
Nora Almasri – Mohammad & Ahmad
Hussein Al-Khateeb – Omar Al-Khateeb







Bio – Filmography

Born in Damascus, Syria, Abdulrahman Alshowaiki’s journey is a story of strength and a deep love for storytelling. At 19, he had to leave Syria due to the dangers he faced after joining a protest against the regime of Assad at his university. His travels took him through Lebanon, Egypt, Turkey, Senegal and Gambia, finally finding refuge in Belgium after three challenging years.

In Belgium, Abdulrahman shifted from business management to filmmaking at LUCA School of Arts University. In 2023, his master’s project, the fictional short film “Mona,” gained international recognition, including an honourable mention from VAF and invitations to esteemed festivals, with its international premiere in Portugal at the FEST New Directors New Films.
It was Abdulrahman’s bachelor project, “Trip to Heaven,” that set the stage for his upcoming work. Diving into the narrative of his parents’ journey from their wedding in the eighties to their escape to Belgium provided the opportunity to create his first professional documentary. Titled “My Land is Burned,” the documentary produced by Abdulrahman for Belgian TV VRT/Canvas intimately captures the struggles of Syrian refugee children in Arsal, Lebanon. This poignant work reflects the echoes of Abdulrahman’s own past and his family’s experiences.

As a Syrian director, Abdulrahman intimately understands the pain of witnessing his people torn apart, and his lens unveils a narrative that is deeply personal—a story of resilience, hope, and shared humanity that transcends borders. His works stand as a testament to film’s ability to bridge cultures, fostering empathy and understanding in a world often divided.