I Love You More

Nour’s journey to recognition of her longing for her father and Syria, where she confronts loss and the emotional impact of absence.

Director Nour Alkheder
Production Noa Hoogterp, Robbin van Mechelen
Cinematography Max van de Pol
Production Design Demi Andriessen
VFX supervisors Ruben Coers, Wouter Engering
Editor Robbert Clignett
Sound Design Yorn Slootjes
Composer Dimitra Alexiou
Production Netherlands Film Academy







Bio – Filmography

Director Nour Alkheder approaches subjects intimately and emotionally; she creates an open atmosphere. Her authentic work explores deep human emotions and shows people at their most honest. Her film ‘I Love You More (2023) is about tangible nostalgia, a central theme in her work. She graduated from the Netherlands Film Academy with ‘Draw Me a Homeland-2024’, a story about integration and self-discovery in a strange new country. Nour balances documentary reality with fiction in her films. Nour’s stories are linked to emotions or feelings, not necessarily to characters. She ensures that viewers can empathize with the characters and find recognition in their internal world.