A sensitive vampire decides to leave eternal life behind by actively undergoing euthanasia. She is assisted through a mercy killing ritual, performed by a vampire matriarchy in Brussels. Taking on human form for just a flash of time after years of immortal existence, she talks about her death, life and choice to change.

Based on original ideas of Shelbatra Jashari and Jan Pepermans
Written, directed and executively produced by Shelbatra Jashari
FEATURING: 54soundsystem, Amos, HelloShelly
Inana Rose Osmanu, Rrita Jashari & Sonya Henderson
Voice-Over HelloShelly
Ritual Weepers Adéola Hawna, Diego Dalipi, Giulia Bonfiglio, Giulia Piana
Léon Ostrowsky & Pierre-Patrice Kasses
Vampiarchy extra’s Aki Hasegawa, Alexandra Garcia, Noelia Ocampo
Assia Lamchichti, Chloé Javelot, Diango Perez y Ortega
Filippo Insp, Jonathan Nguyen, Laaziza el Bay
Laura Garcia Noelia Ocampo, Laura Huard & Loki
Sandrine Marcelis, Sara Boudif, Sarah Garcia, Noelia Ocampo
Sacha Aleksandar, Simon Perez y Ortega & Warda Boudif
Director of Photography Yves Sondermeier
Assistants DOP Hakeem Osmanu & Justin Vanhecke
Drone Operator Maidi Marwal
Make up Ava Ninia assisted by Nyan Perry
Make UP SFX Lea Matagne assisted by Victoria
Edited Shelbatra Jashari
Big Ben Beatbox (Ilias Benouri)
Set Photography Melanie Musisi
Additional on set assistance Aki Hasegawa & Rrita Jashari
Final editing/ Color Grading Italo Tavares
Sound mixing Adrian Kurth
Costume design & Styling Lila&John
Additional Styling  Hello Shelly
Corset Joyce Spakman
Choreography Milo Slayers & Shelbatra Jashari
Soundtrack Shelbatra
Additional Music Tracks
“Lacrym” “Chaos” by Obsequeen
“Monks-prayers” by Arnaud Coutancier (
‘Nena qan me Lig” (sample of traditional Albanian polyphony song)
“Throwing it” by di Farsight
“Rruzaria” by unknown
Catering: Collectactif vzw
Transport 54 Soundsystem
Babysit Inana Rose Raffi Osmanu
Produced by Shelbatra Jashari/ Fondacioni SheLLee vzw
In kind support by  nadine vzw, ZInnema, Argos vzw
Supported by Flanders Audiovisual Fund (VAF)
Made possible with the kind support of Jashari BVBA







Bio – Filmography

Shelbatra is an artist, obtaining a master’s degree in audiovisual arts at Luca School of the Arts. Her shortfilms were awarded at Courtisane film festival in 2004 and 2007 . Her performance “Writing Piece” was awarded the Celeste Prize 2015 and a finalist of Arte Laguna competition in Italy.
As HelloShelly she is active on stage as performer, actress, model and dancer for a narrative developed in comics, virtual reality, photographs and short videos.
Shelbatra is also a recording artist, as a vocalist and songwriter for EBG (Electronik Body Girl) on labels Kalahari Oyster Cult and Emotional Response – and DJ’s or produces as Shelbatra since 2023